Asbestos Awareness Training now available

Educate your team on the hazards that Asbestos causes, and get prepared to work around this toxic substance safely.


Understand what asbestos was used for and the health risks it poses

Personal Safety

Learn methods of protecting you and your team when working with asbestos


Be able to identify areas of risk to prevent accidental contamination

Handling Procedures

Train to handle asbestos safely to prevent health risk and injury

Be Prepared for the Worst

Asbestos was used as a common building material before it was finally banned in Australia in 2003. Many buildings constructed in and before the early 90's will contain asbestos in one of its forms, so it is important to understand proper safety and handling


Learn the essential skills to work safely

  • Identify areas of risk and the types of asbestos used
  • Educate yourselves on the history of asbestos and why it was so popular
  • Protect yourselves with proper safety procedures and equipment

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Full Course

  • Safely Detect
  • Reliably Identify
  • Securely Handle


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